Wildman battles hard to Win Total9Ball Amateur Series Event 2


Wildman battles hard to Win Total9Ball Amateur Series Event 2

On Saturday 28th February 2015 Total9Ball assembled another full 32 player field for the second edition of the Dynamic Billard Amateur Series 2015. This season T9B made the decision to limit each event to the first 32 paying players only. We are trying to guaranteed a full field of committed players at each event. This far it’s been very success with two full events and with spaces being booked and paid for 3 weeks prior to the event. If players would like to enter this fantastic series of events it’s crucial to commit and pay up early to guarantee your space.

Matches began at 10.30am and the first round draw produced some mouth-watering matches. Phil Wildman’s day got off to a flyer as he defeated Fabio Severo 7v2, Bob Harris started the event off well as he also won by a 7v2 score line against Brian Cassidy. Mark Parker and Tom Staveley’s event would also begin with 7v2 victories against Apostalis Harmas and Kevin Woods respectively. Tommy Donlon was the lowest handicapper in the event on a -4 handicap but this didn’t stop him winning the battle of Leicester against travelling companion Aslam Abubaker 7v4 and Tommy wasn’t the only player from Leicester achieving a first round victory as Mark Williams kept his focus against Vesalin Paprandanov running out a 7v5 winner.

Thanks to Dynamic Billard for sponsoring this event.

After the 1st round of matches the “Break Dish” took place. Players had been purchasing raffle tickets during the first round of matches and the Pot was announced at £515. This amount was broken down to £45 per ball potted with a £65 bonus for the 10ball clearance. The first lucky player selected was… Veslin Paprandanov!!! Veso stood looking at the racked balls knowing it was just 10 pots that stood in between him and a nice £515 pay-out, of course Veso has the option to duck and snatch the accumulated cash after each shot along the way. He broke the balls very well, one ball down and a shot at the one ball, well a close range combo. Veso decided to decline the offer of £45 and continue but unfortunately he would continue no more as the combination shot didn’t go to plan. Unlucky Veso. Next up Steve ‘I never get picked’ Chick. Steve seemed to hit the pack of 9 solid balls and one stripe racked in a triangle well but his luck wasn’t in as many balls teased the pockets but didn’t drop. Unlucky Steve. So at this stage a final player was drawn at a reduced pot of £5 per ball with a £50 bonus for the clearance. Who would the lucky player be? It was… Chris Seville!! Chris looked confident and smashed the balls with a sledgehammer break whilst controlling the white. Chris managed to sink a ball and had good position on the next legal ball so the offer of £5 was point blank refused. Chris looked confident on the clearance as he reeled off ball after ball. Chris ran slightly out of position on the 10ball. At this stage the offer was £45 therefore one more pot for Seville would more than double his winnings (extra £55). Chris had to continue and again he looked certain he wouldn’t be denied and he was right to be as he hit the heart of the bottom left pocket. Well done Chris, an impressive clearance and a cool £100 in your pocket.

Back to the main action Tommy Donlon needed all racks available to eliminate Mark Foster on the hill 7v6, following this match it was time for Tommy ‘Disher’ Donlon vs Aslam ‘Quickie9’ Abubaker for the second time of this event. Tommy made few mistakes and made the most of Aslam’s as he for a second time defeated his good friend 7v4. Phil Wildman was involved in a thriller against Bob Harris. Wildman lead the whole match but struggled to get over the line at 6v4 ahead. Bob managed to level the match at 6v6 and it was down to one rack. Phil took his time, he made sure of each pot and reported a 7v6 winning result. Phil then managed to keep his second life intact as got the better of a vastly improved and a future name to look out for Dale Cadet 7v4. Mark Parker was another player to make it to round 3 will both lives still live. Mark produced the goods against new player to Total9Ball Alan Hopkins (7v3) and Ricky Collett (7v6) in Round two. Mark broke and dished at hill-hill against ricky to advance. Dean Reeve looked to be hitting the ball well as he joined the two life round three club beating Chris Seville 7v5 and Shakz Islam 7v2. Shakz did however get it right with his second life as he took out Alan Bell 7v3. Dale Cadet produced result of the round and one of his biggest scalps to date as he ended Tom Staveley’s Jackpot chances 7v3.

It was time for the last 16. By this stage of the tournament all players seemed to be getting more and more confident about their chances of winning this event especially the players with 2 lives remaining. Phil Wildman took on a deflated Mark Parker the result went in the favour of Wildman 7v3. Mark was still very disappointed as in his previous match, he was all tied up at 6v6 with Dale Cadet. Dale had the chance to win the match. Dale missed the 7ball but fluked it in the middle bag off the cueball leaving himself plum on the 9ball for victory. In Phil’s second match of this round he had to battle hard as he trialled Chris Seville by 4 racks to -3 (7 racks behind) Phil began motoring and unfortunately Seville’s wheels fell off as he made a few mistakes and also got no run what so ever. Wildman was victorious 7v5. Tommy Donlon managed one win out of two matches. ‘The Disher’ Donlon proved far too strong for Alan Bell on the day as he advanced 7v3 but Dean Reeve made the most of this handicap head start ending Tommy’s winning streak 7v4. Dean Reeve however was on the receiving end of a Nick Hampton thumping as Nick prevailed 7v2. The other two matches ended 7v6 as Shakz Islam beat Mikko Tuomi and Tom Staveley defeated Brian Cassidy.

Quarter Final Time and I guess the handicapping was ok as 3 out of 4 matches ended 7v6. Dale Cadet 7v6 Tommy Donlon, Phil Wildman 7v6 Tom Staveley, Shakz Islam 7v6 Dean Reeve (Shakz was down by 4v6) The other result from this round was Phil Wildman 7 Nick Hampton 4. Wildman was flying could anybody stop him doing the double? He was now just two wins away.

In the Semi Final Phil first took on Shakz Islam who was competing in his first ever T9B Semi-Final. Phil caught up the handicap in double quick time and although he rocked a bit towards the end of the match he book a space in the Final 7v4. So the situation now was Phil Wildman vs Dale Cadet in the other Semi-Final. If Phil could win this match he would receive the Winners and the Runners Up prize money but if Dale could get to 7 racks first then the two would have to play again in the Final. During the opening couple of Racks Phil missed some easy balls and Dale was making the game look easy. Dale made one mistake leading 4 racks to -3 and said after the game that he believed that one missed pot cost him 5/6 racks as he just didn’t get a look in. Wildman got the match tied up at 5v5 and was in the balls but received a massive Kick on the 4 ball (Mark Parker described as the biggest kick he has ever seen) Dale composed himself and took out the remaining balls to lead 5v6. Phil took the match to hill-hill by playing a two way shot potting the 1ball in the bottom left corner while the while pushed the 9ball in to the bottom right pocket. So one rack left and could Wildman produce a break dish to seal it? He broke the balls perfectly potting 3 or 4 balls. He was in perfect shape and there was no reason why this match shouldn’t be all over… Wildman was on the 6 ball with just the 6, 7 and 9ball remaining. Phil over hit a position shot and left himself a tricky cut into a blind pocket, Wildman took his time and cued the ball nicely only to receive another kick on impact, it wasn’t as bad as the previous kick but still it changed the direct of the object ball, it just wasn’t to be for Wildman. Dale slotted in the 7ball and looked calm on the final 9ball, bang heart of the pocket. This meant a Dale Cadet vs Phil Wildman Final.

As time was getting on Dale suggested that the race for the final was shortened and the handicap was cut. Both players agreed and making the match a race to 5 racks. Phil began on -2 racks and Dale raced into a comfortable lead. Phil Battled back to 2v4 and then 3v4 and then 4v4 and Wildman stole the win 5v4 with a good clearance. This win gained Phil, Prize money, Ranking points, a beautiful glass trophy and spot 3 of 16 in the Champion Of Champions Event at the end of the Season. A great day for Wildman

Wildman was full of praise for Dale after the match and is pleased to see a massive improvement in his game. Wildman said I really think Dale will now push on from this and become an even better player from the extra confidents gained. Before this comp Dale had attended about 6 events but has never reached the prize money. The improvement since I last saw Dale in January is massive and he should be very proud. Dale is another great example that practice and tournament play is the best way to improve your game and we at T9B are pleased to be able to offer high class events to help Dale along the way.

A massive thanks to St Albans Hurricane Room for their ongoing support, to our Sponsors Dynamic Billard and Hurricane Room, to Nicole Hansen for running the desk and to Mark Parker for being the eye behind the camera.