Staveley makes dream start to 2016 T9B Amateur Series E1 2016

A full field of 39 players joined us at the Raging Ball venue in St Albans on Saturday 20th Febuary 2016 for Event One of the 2016 Amateur Series. The T9B Amateur series is now in its 7th season and each year it becomes just that little bit more prestigious. This season T9B have opted to allow 39 players per event due to the popular demand of last season. This creates one preliminary round on each side of the draw which at event one was decided by a random draw but based on results of this event will seed players so the best performing players would not get the dreaded preliminary match at E2. This season the prize money is guaranteed at each event but on top of that there is also added prize money too if we get a full field of players.
Matches kicked off at 10am on the dot and you could most defiantly feel the tension in the Raging Ball venue as players all wanted to get off to a good start in the 10 event ranking series. Mark Williams didn’t give Luke Rollison a kind welcome back to the sport after a year away as Mark reached seven racks before Luke moved from minus racks to zero. Mark Parker got the better of Dave Worrow 7v3 while the close match of the preliminary round saw Jaspal Bamotra edge out Michael Beeston 7v6.
As we move into the round of 64 players some had already played for the right to keep both of there lives intact while some were fortunate enough to avoid playing. Tom Staveley’s event began well with score-lines of 7v3 against Adrian Hickson and 7v4 against Rich Fullwell. Jaspal Bamotra also got out of the Last 64 round with both lives intact as he eliminated Sean Dracup 7v4 and followed this with a good 7v2 win over returning Steve Davison, Morray Dolan was back at the table and looked in great form as he took out Mark Newell 7v3 and Nick Hampton 7v5. Steve Chick won his two matches both by a 7v4 result against new player Chris Kiziak and Mark Newell.

After these matches the break dish took centre stage and a pot of £400 was announced, this was broken down to £20 per ball potted and £200 bonus for a ten ball clearance. The first lucky player selected at random was… Chris Seville unfortunately for Chris the cueball was kicked into the top right pocket off the break and that was his attempt over. Next up for an attempt at the full pot was Michael Beeston this time the cue stayed away from all pockets but unfortunately so did all of the 10 legal balls. Bradley Holt was the final player to make an attempt this time at a reduced pot of £5 per ball with a £50 bonus for the clearance. Bradley hit a massive break sinking three balls to the value of £15, he continued and potted two more before running out of position and collecting £25. The remaining break dish pot will roll over to the next amateur only event.

Back to the main event and the last 32 all results are listed below

Aslam Abubaker 7v4 Mark Williams
Morray Dolan 7v5 Jaspal Bamotra
Bradley Holt 7v0 Mark Knightley
Steve Chick 7v6 Wayne Rooke
Chris Seville 7v0 Zoltan Kojzsa
Phil Wildman 7v4 Lazslow Zsom
Tom Staveley 7v5 Brian Cassidy
Lee Happs 7v3 Ricky Ellis
Chris Parker 7v5 Martyn Taylor
Luke Rollison 5v7 Karl Hooley
Sean Dracup 7v6 Ricky Ellis
Michael Beeston 6v7 Bradley Holt
Zoltan Kojzsa 2v7 Jaspal Bamotra
Steve Chick 5v7 Morray Dolan
Tom Staveley 7v5 Dave Worrow
Del Sim 7v4 Chris Kiziak

So after this round it was just Bradley Holt, Morray Dolan and Tom Staveley left in contention to take the jackpot of £600!!

down to just 16 players and picking a winner was still impossible, sure the players with two lives were favourites but would the winner come from one of these three?

In the Round of 16 Tom Staveley was on the verge of being eliminated from both sides of the draw as an impressive performance from Del Sim ended Tom’s Jackpot chances. Lee Happs was Tom’s next opponent and was just one rack away from ending Tom’s event but that wasn’t to be as Tom battled hard to run out a 7v6 winner.Bradley Holt had mixed fortunes to in the round of 16 as he dished up Sean Dracup 7v1 but then was on the receiving end of a 7v4 thumping by Steve Chick. Morray Dolan however looked in no mood to beaten as he played the dream round producing two brilliant results defeating both Aslam Abubaker and Jaspal Balmotra 7v2. Chris Seville booked his Quarter Final space at the expense of T9B founder Phil Wildman 7v4. Chris Parker ended Karl Hooley’s good run in this event 7v3.

So an awesome line-up for the Quarter Finals was announced and this was there the real work started as each player now guaranteed a minimum of £50 and Morray was still in twice so he was guaranteed two payments of £50 at this stage of the event. Matches with results are below.

Morray Dolan 3v7 Steve Chick
Chris Seville 6v7 Tom Staveley
Chris Parker 5v7 Bradley Holt
Morray Dolan 6v7 Del Sim

After the a brilliant round for Morray Dolan in the Last 16 this round was to be his final round for the day and this would mean the Jackpot wouldn’t be won today. Its sometimes hard to get re-motivated after a defeat especially when you have gone deep in the event without a loss.

So Steve Chick would do battle with Tom Staveley in the Semi Final while Bradley Holt would try to stop the Del Sim steam train. Tom looked good against a tired looking Steve Chick and booked his place in yet another T9B final 7v3 while Bradley Holt applied the breaks to Del Sim but couldn’t stop him completely as Del advanced through 7v6. Bradley and Steve Chick both received £100 in prize money.

Sim against Staveley has a certain ring to it and we all knew we were about to witness a quality Final. Tom has reached many finals and won his fair share of events while Del recently has been a class act and although he has won an event he has come close many times. The match with the handicaps was a 50/50 for me as it could be but it was Tom who potted the winning 9ball and confirmed a good 7v3 victory.

A brilliant tournament once again put on by T9B at the Raging Ball venue. Well done to Tom Staveley on yet another winning performance but also credit to Del Sim who was the runner up and the only player to beat Tom at this event early in the day. Also well done to Morray Dolan on reaching both Quarter Finals and Bradley Holt on putting together some confidence boasting results.

The ranking list will be available on our website shortly

Thanks to our Sponsors, County Engraving, Dynamic Billard, Raging Ball, Talismann Tips and Z9. Also thanks to all players who attended this event and we hope to see you all back for event 2.

The next T9B action will be at Legends in Braintree Essex for a one day event on Saturday 19th March. This is sure to be a well supported event in a beautiful new T9B venue. All tables have been re clothed and its sure to be another faultless event. Contact Mark Parker to enter asap as space are already limited due to popular demand.