Three Champions Crowned At One T9B Event


Three Champions Crowned At One T9B Event

Saturday 9th May Total9ball was back at St Albans Hurricane Room for event two of their Undisputed Series. This time the event was run a lot differently, players were broken down in to three separate 16 player tournaments separated by standard. There was a lot of hype about this event as it really was very open and all player were in with a chance of having a winning day at T9B.

The problem Total9ball faced was the date chosen wasn’t the best as it clashed with a large English pool event which meant many players were unable to attend as already commited. T9B have a very heavy calendar and it’s not easy to change dates so there was a lot more promotion work put in by T9B owners Mark Parker and Phil Wildman, in the end we produced in our opinion and by feedback one of best events in our history.

Thanks to Dynamic Billard for sponsoring this event.

So divisions were sorted via the new Total9ball handicap system and the draw for each event was made live in the venue. Shortly after 10am the Lightweight division began, this was supposed to be the lowest standard of the three events however if you watched any matches you would see that these higher handicap players are massively improving and they are all playing to a very high standard which is brilliant. The first match called was an all Wycombe clash as Dale Cadet took on Mark Newell, both players have recently been achieving excellent results in the T9B Amateur Series and this was sure to be a cracker. Dale managed to edge Newell out of the event 9v5 and advanced into the Quarter Final. Jermaine Pierre started the event very strongly and produced the goods as he by passed Steve Chick 9v1. Jamie Bryan was one of the favourites to take his first T9B title this weekend and he began the right way beating an unpractised Wayne Rooke 9v4, Jamie was given a 2v0 head start as Wayne was late to the venue. The improvement in Rich Fulwell’s game and results recently have been fantastic and that showed as he ended Darian George’s event at the first hurdle 9v3. Nick Hampton began the event as the overall favourite to win this division, sometimes it’s hard to win when many expect you to as it adds a little pressure and when you haven’t won a T9B event previously that makes it even harder. Nick showed in his first match that pressure is for tyres not for humans as he produced an excellent 9v4 result against Colin Connor.

After the first round of matches the Middleweight event began and players from the Lightweight division were offered a space in this event, many accepted as it was a good opportunity to test their game against players rated a grade up and also a chance to gain a confidents boosting scalp or two. Nick Hampton showed his class as he took out Wayne Rooke 10v4. Brian Cassidy’s event began with a good 10v5 score line against Paul Taylor. Chris Seville took full advantage of the unpractised Chris Parker the match finished 10v2, Colin Connor destroyed Veso Papradanov 10v1 and Ashik Nathwani advanced pasted Filip Krawczck 10v7. Ashik was also docked two racks as he was late to the venue.

T9B then played the Quarter Finals of both events before the Big one kicked off. Any players reaching the Semi Finals would be guaranteed some prize money. What value, players turning a small profit for winning two matches or in some cases just one!! The Quarter Final Results from both divisions are below.


Lionel Brown 9v8 Dale Cadet (Lionel was I checked was 8v7 down and battled hard to win the first hill-hill of the day

Jermaine Pierre 9v4 Vesilin Papradanov (Jermaine back in action after a few years away and he seems to be loving the T9B event)

Shakz Islam 9v8 Jamie Bryan (Shakz takes out one of the favourites Jamie Bryan. Shakz broke at hill-hill leaving a certain combo on the 10ball)

Nick Hampton 9v5 Rich Fulwell (Nick looked to be in tip top form as Rich said he hardly missed a pot)


Nick Hampton 10v3 Rich Fulwell (Nick defeats Rich for the second time in separate events, how would Rich of done if he avoided Nick?)

Brian Cassidy 10v9 Chris Seville (Brian takes advantage of a poor safety shot in the final rack by Seville to book his Semi Final Place)

Ashik Nathwani 10v5 Jaspal Bamotra (Ashik is quickly becoming a brilliant player and just had too much for Jaspal on the day)

Colin Connor 10v9 Del Sim (This is why winner breaks is so exciting Colin trails 2v7 and comes back to win on the hill)

Ok so now it was break dish time, all money collected if not won on the day a percentage be put into The Champion Of Champions pot and the rest split between each division to boost the prize money. First up Tom Staveley… Tom is known to have a massive 10ball break and this was his opportunity to show it off as he was just 10balls away from £150… unfortunately for Tom he scratched on the break into the middle bag. Next up Mark Parker, this time there was no foul break and Parker looked in very good shape to run the balls after an excellent break but these were the first balls Parker had hit as organising and setting up the event has to take priority in the morning, So it was no wonder he missed a long shot down the rail whilst on £40 . Finally the last player to make an attempt was Veso… he broke good but missed quickly after meaning the pot would be used as written above.

Time for the Big hitters event to begin. Lots of players liked the opportunity of the longer races to 12 racks and really fancied causing an upset of two. A full 16 player draw was completed. Match of the first round had to be the tense 12v11 victory for vastly improved Jermaine Pierre against Paul Taylor, Jermaine Held his nerve well as cut the final 10ball along the bottom rail. Bob Harris trailed for most of his match against Lionel Brown but eventually got on top and punished 12 racks to 8. Tom Staveley was down 2v6 against Chris Seville but he managed to find that awesome break of his which played a massive part in his successful comeback as the match ended 12v7 in favour of ‘The Don’ Tom Staveley. Phil Wildman took out several clearances and missed very few balls against Colin Connor result Wildman 12 Connor 5. Wayne Rooke seemed to finally find some form in his 3rd event of the day. Rooke ended Chris Parker’s day 12v8. Zoltan Kojsza won the T9B Amateur Series Jackpot just a few weeks ago and looked to continue in the say vein of form as he defeated an out of sorts Mark Parker 12v4. Nick Hampton made sure he would remain in all three events as he got the better of Ashik Nathwani 12v8 another brilliant results for Hampton… He was on the hunt for the treble!!! Filip Krawzck left the venue to go home after his Middleweight division defeat but he soon decided he wanted more T9B action as he turned the car around and returned to the venue to compete against the best available on the day, im sure he was glad he made this decision as he ended Jaspal Bamotra’s day early 12v9.

The Quarter Finals of the Heavyweight division followed and once these matches were complete, each event would be at the Semi Final Stage. Phil Wildman looked like he could be the one to lift the trophy at the end of the day as he seemed to be potting the ball of the lampshades as he defeated Jermaine Pierre by a 12v6 result. It was great to see Wayne Rooke playing like he used to as he pushed Tom Staveley very close as the match went pretty much rack for rack but is was Tom who came through 12v9 in the end. Bob Harris held his nerve well as after 22 racks it was 11v11, one rack would separate him and Filip Krawczck and one rack gave Bob a guaranteed £110 prize money, final score 12v11. Nick Hampton was at it again, he was an underdog up against an in form Zoltan Kojsza. Nick controlled the match and I believe lead from start to finish the match ended at 12 racks to 8 in favour of Hampton and this result meant Nick would compete in all three divisions Semi-Finals and would receive prize money in each event… could he battle through this gruelling test of stamina?

Semi Final time and we got as many of the matches as we could on at one time, In the Lightweight Division Lionel Brown bossed the opening stages of his clash with Jermaine Pierre but it was the latter who ended up reaching his first ever T9B Final 9v6. Joining him in the Final would be… Shakz Islam as he became the first player to defeat Nick Hampton on the day, Shakz would also be making his T9B Final debut as he prevailed 9v7.

The Middleweight Semi Finals also produced some quality match ups, Brian Cassidy eliminated Nick Hampton 10v8 this meant Nick only remained in the Heavyweight Semi Final while on the table opposite Ashik Nathwani booked his place in the Final 10v5 against Colin Connor.

Time For the Heavyweight Semi Finals, Phil Wildman was well and truly blow away by an incredible Tom Staveley performance, Tom Smashed Wildman by 12 racks to 2. Staveley broke dished over half of his winning racks and to my memory only missed one pot all match. Wildman commented after the match, ‘I can’t remember a time I have ever enjoyed losing a match but Tom played awesome it was a joy to watch a total masterclass’. Bob Harris took on Nick Hampton in the other Semi Final, Nick looked absolutely shattered. The match ended 12v9 to Bob Harris as he setup a mouth-watering Final against Tom Staveley. Unlucky Nick you played some great pool and defeated some top players but I think in the end burnout got to you. In fact I can safely say tiredness got to Nick as I worked out he competed in a massive 149 racks of tournament 10 ball in one day. I wonder if that’s a record? Most tournament 10 ball racks in one day? It certainly is at Total9ball.

Ok so six finalists took centre stages to battle it out for each division title, extra prize money, a beautiful glass T9B trophy and a chance at qualifying for the end of season T9B Champion Of Champions event. Shakz Islam’s experience of high value money games helped him over the winning line as Shakz Islam became a first time Total9ball Champion. Very well done to both finalists as you have both achieved great results today and have taken a large step forward in improving your games.

The Middlewight Final saw Ashik Nathwani and Brian Cassidy collide. Ashik Raced into the lead and saw out the match nicely 9v2. Ashik made few mistakes during this event and broke well all event. Well done to Ashik Nathwani on his second Total9ball success and commiseration’s to Brian who was a worthy runner up for the second time.

The Heavyweight Final was last to finish and again Tom Staveley was turning it on as he finished off a tired looking Bob Harris 12v3. These two great players have played many times recently at T9B event with varying results but this was Tom’s day and he collected the winner’s trophy and prize money. Again well done to both finalists and thanks for your continued support of T9B Events.

There was still the Champion Of Champions place to settle, as Ashik Nathwani has already qualified it was down to Tom Staveley to playoff again Shakz Islam race to 3 racks alternate break. Shakz looked good as he lead by a 2v1 scoreline, it seemed Tom was under pressure as he really didn’t want to miss this opportunity into the biggest T9B event of the Season. This pressure was relieved as Shakz scratched leaving an easy combo on the 10ball. Tom tied the match at two apiece. Shakz had the break in the decider could he hold his nerve and clear the table? The break was hit very well and there was an out for Shakz… he looked cool calm and collected until just the 9 and 10 ball remained. He sunk the 9ball and gained ok position on the 10ball but he slowed down as he had the option of the middle pocket or the bottom pocket to shoot the 10ball. Shakz got down and seemed to change his mind on the pressure shot as he stood back up. Tom looked like he knew it was all over but no Shakz rattles the the 10ball in the bottom corner leaving Tom the easiest of shots. Relieve for Staveley as he secures his spot int eh first running of this end of season event was so far £1020 in the prize pool, this amount increases at each event and remember its just 16 event Champions who will qualify for this unique event.

We asked on Facebook after this event for some feedback regarding the Undisputed event from the players and below are some of the comments.

Tom Staveley said ‘Event was Perfect’

Nick Hampton said ‘Couldn’t have been better’

Jermaine Pierre said ‘Great event. put me down for the next one.

Bob Harris said ‘Proper tourney run by proper people, lovin it.

Colin Connor said ‘Great event, well done to all the winners and placers.

Jermaine Pierre said ‘Total9ball events gives the weaker players an opportunity to improve their game as the accurate handicap system gives everyone a chance to compete for prizes! Personally, solely from these tournaments I’ve been very motivated and saw the results of my practice pay off by reaching my first T9B Final. Once again thanks guys for running this comp! as a pool lover it’s great for the game in this country.

Myself and Mark Parker are very pleased at how this event went and we are very pleased the players win or lose enjoyed the format and event overall. The format will be retained and used again soon but with a few little tweaks as a few things were learned through the first running of this event of how we can make it even better and run smoother. We expect this event to be very popular and ask that players enter asap if they want to be a part of it as we expect on a better date this to be full very quickly.

The usual thanks go to St Albans Hurricane Room for there continued support of our events, to our sponsors Dynamic Billards and Talismann tips, to Nicole Hansen for working hard behind the desk taking results and making sure the event ran smoothly and to all the players for there support and feedback.