There’s only one Paul Taylor in a Taylor Made Final

Total9ball Sunday’s are back and back with a bang. T9B offered an open split tier event to the players on Sunday 28th August 2016. Again the venue used was the Raging Ball in St Albans. Unfortunately with this weekend being a bank holiday weekend the turnout was just 14 players however this wasn’t to ruin the day as T9B rewarded the attending players by pumping up the prize fund offering £250 to the winner with the Runner UP, and both Semi-finals also being paid decent prize money. Due to the low turnout the option of the split tier event wasn’t there however T9B Founder and tournament format designer Phil Wildman created a new format and it worked perfectly.
Players were divided into two groups of seven players based on handicaps, This meant all the minus handicap players were placed in Group A with the zero and plus handicap players placed in Group B. Players would play their way through three random matches within their group with the top four players advancing. Only matches won and the result between the two players would help separate tied players and if couldn’t sort things then a penalty shoot-out would resolve as a tie breaker. After the group stages qualifiers would remain in their respective groups for the prize money playoff match. This would pit Group winners against 4th place and 2nd against 3rd place. What is great about this is its guarantees players are playing against players of similar standard and handicaps and also that two group A players and two group B players would get some prize money. At the Semi Final stage of this unique event a random draw would take place as this was the first point in the event that players would leave their tiers as now all remaining players were in the prize money.
Would it be a played from Group A or Group B that took down this event?

Group A -Dave Evans – Mark Foster – Mark Parker – Martyn Taylor – Nick Hampton – Phil Wildman – Steve Chick
Group B –Dmitry Mitia – Fi Radomski – Filip Krawczk – Mark Newell – Michael Beeston – Paul Taylor – Rich Fulwell

Matches kicked off at 10.30am and players were eager to get underway in this extremely open format. There were two players from each group that made it through with a 100% win record they were Nick Hampton and Phil Wildman in Group A and Paul Taylor and Filip Krawczyk in Group B
Nick Hampton wins came against Mark Foster 7v6 (Nick was way behind in this match but fought hard to get the win), Steve Chick 7v4 and Mark Parker 7v3.
Phil Wildman finally got a win over Steve Chick 7v5 (Wildman has lost the last 5 matches against Steve) 7v2 Martyn Taylor and 7v4 against Dave Evans.
In Group B Paul Taylor recorded two wins and got the bye of the round his two wins came against Fi Radomski and Micheal Beeston both matches ended 7 racks to 3.
Filip Krawczk hit form in the group stages with winning results against Dmitry Mitia, Mark Newell and Michael Beeston. The scores were 7v3, 7v5 and 7v3 respectively
So which players would join these four in the Quarter Finals? It would be Mark Foster and Martyn Taylor from Group A and Mark Newell and Rich Fulwell from Group B these players all escaped the group stages with two wins.

Next up was the break dish!!! The prize for a 10ball clearance at this event was £260 the amount was broken down to £20 per ball potted with a £60 bonus for the clearance. First up was Mr Break dish himself Michael Beeston. He slammed the pack of 10ball very hard but the break was dry. The next player selected was Phil Wildman. He stepped up and hit a decent break sinking a ball. He was slightly hooked on the 1ball but opted to continuing playing a deadweight swerve shot making the 1ball in the top right bag. £40 was announced. Wildman had be cuing really nicely and decided to continue shooting at a long 2 ball. He hit the heart of the pocket and £60 was announced. Unfortunately for Wildman he didn’t find decent shape on the next ball but there was a bank shot available and should he get it the rest of the balls were all there for the taking. He took it on and risked the £60 but failed to make the ball and therefore the £60 was lost. A third player took on the Break dish at £5 per ball with a £50 bonus but he failed to collect.

Below is the Quarter Final line up with results. Winning players would take home some prize money;-

Group A
Phil Wildman 0v7 Mark Foster
Nick Hampton 1v7 Martyn Taylor

Group B
Mark Newell 7v3 Filip Krawczk
Paul Taylor 7v5 Rich Fulwell

So with just four players remaining its was time for the redraw. Paul Taylor will play???? Mark Foster and Mark Newell took on Martyn Taylor. All players by this point seemed to be in top gear but it seemed nobody was hitting the ball sweeter than Paul Taylor. Having advance from Group B with flying colours Paul took on tournament favourite Mark Foster, Mark in the previous round put in a near faultless performance against Phil Wildman and it was time for him to get a taste of his own medicine. Paul looked sharp and in top form as he completed a 7v0 victory. In the other Semi Final it was another Taylor who was the star of the show, Martyn played some awesome pool to book his place in the all Taylor Final as he ended Mark Newell’s event 7v3.

So an all Taylor Final at the Raging Ball in St Albans and both players seemed to be at the top of their game in the Semi Finals so we were all expecting a close nail biting Final. This however wasn’t the case as Paul Taylor simply did not miss. This was an fantastic display of top class 9ball and another 7v0 victory for Paul as he booked his space in the T9B Champion Of Champions event. Well done Paul Taylor a magnificent result and a fully deserved victory. Commiserations to Martyn Taylor who also played some brilliant pool.

Thanks to our Sponsors, County Engraving, Dynamic Billard, Raging Ball, Talismann Tips and Z9 Billard Cloth Germany. Also thanks to all players who attended this event and we hope to see you all back for our next event which will be Dynamic Billard Amateur Series event 8 held at Raging Ball St Albans on Saturday 24th September. To enter contact Mark Parker on 07764-485711