T9B saw a Newell Winner at Amateur Series E5

Total9ball headed back to the Raging Ball In St Albans on Saturday 2nd July for Event five of the nine event amateur series for 2016. Again there was a fantastic field of 30+ players in attendance for the UK biggest Amateur only series now in its 6th season. Each player is entered into the draw twice once in each half of the draw with the plan of remaining undefeated all day to scoop the guaranteed £500 jackpot.

The tournament kicked off at 10am with Super Sharon Allingham looking after the results desk for the event. Look at recent results the in form players are Chris Parker, Mark Newell and Steve Chick but at this event there was a new player in town. Highly rated Damien Overton attended this event having said he had been monitoring T9B events for awhile and was glad to finally be involved and competing. It wouldn’t be easy for Damien as he was placed on a -4 handicap and he knew there were a lot of tough matches ahead and he would have to be playing near his best to be in with a shout.

Mark Newell began the event strongly with a few confidence boosting results. His first match was against Elvis Mladinescu, Mark dropped just three racks running out a 7v3 winner. In the other half of the draw Newell had to battle right the way to hill-hill against Veso Papradanov before returning the scorecard a 7v6 winner. Steve Chick recorded identical results to Newell defeating Michael Beeston 7v3 and Danny Johnson 7v6. Speaking with Steve after his opening matches you could tell he had high hopes for a great tournament as he commented how well he was currently cueing. Chris Parker has been on a brilliant run of form as he has been winning tournaments all over London and achieved some impressive results at The Deurne City Classic. To be honest I was beginning to think Chris had forgotten how to lose but then up stepped Damien Overton. Unfortunately I only saw the closing stages of this titanic tousle but what I did see was Damien dropping the final 9ball into the back of the pocket to advance 7v6. Chris was back to winning ways in his second match as he defeated Elvis Mladinescu 7v3.

After the first few rounds of matches were complete it was Breakdish time. A total pot of £650 was divided down to £40 per ball potted with a £250 bonus for a 10ball clearance. Up first was T9B’s very own Mark Parker. Mark smashed the 10balls managing to sink one in the middle pocket. Mark’s shot on the next legal ball was a difficult one but the offer of £40 cash wasn’t going to discourage him from continuing. Unfortunately Mark failed to make the ball and it was back to the camera for Parker. Next up was Michael Beeston. He racked the balls but didn’t strike the break cleanly, to his and the supporters surprise a ball dropped in dead weight with the one ball hanging over the middle bag. Michael continued by potting the one ball while opening up a cluster of balls. Already just two shots you could sense this was a brilliant chance to clear the table but could Michael hold his nerve? A couple more easy but pressure pots went in and Michael was offered £160 up next was a makeable combo but a miss would cost him £160, he hit the shot confidently and made it leaving just a few stun shots to complete the clearance. Michael cleared the remaining balls with minimal effect to become T9B’s biggest break-dish winner to date. He collected a massive £650 for a total of ten shots now that’s value. Well Done Michael!!!!

Back to the main event and we pick up the action again from the Quarter Finals. Players such as Luke Rollison, Phil Wildman and Tom Staveley were all eliminated early and didn’t make it to the Quarter Final stages however Damien Overton, Mark Newell and Steve Chick were all still in the event twice. The Quarter Final Results are below:-

Steve Chick 7v6 Mark Newell

Ben George 4v7 Damien Overton

Damien Overton 7v5 Steve Chick

Mark Hughes 6v7 Mark Newell

As you can see from the above results Damien was still on course for the double Jackpot win of £500. He was now just two match wins away from the ultimate goal only so far completed off a -4 handicap by Jason Shaw. Could he follow in Jason’s footsteps?

The Semi Final had to be played one at a time as Damien was involved in both. Mark Newell was first in line for a crack at the man on fire. Mark used his handicap well and was hitting the ball with a mass of confidence. Mark ended up a very impressive 7v1 winner and booked his place in the Final destroying Damien’s Jackpot chances.

Damien had to then pick himself up to do battle once again with Steve Chick, In the Quarter Final Damien defeated Steve 7v5 this time Steve got one rack closer but was still defeated 7v6. At 6v5 Damien missed a simply 9ball for the victory and he was looking very tired after a day of roll on roll off 9ball pool. In the deciding rack Steve potted from the break but this was to be Steve’s last shot of the event as the white went in. Damien made the most of the ball in hand and cleared the remaining balls to book his spot in the Final with Mr Newell.

The final kicked off and surely it must have been a massive advantage for Mark Newell knowing he was the only player to beat Overton on the day but he would have to do it again in the most crucial match of the day. The final was a complete repeat of the Semi Final as Mark Newell finally became a T9B event winner Seven racks to One. Both players played some quality stuff throughout the event and definitely played a lot of competitive 9ball.

A massive well done to Mark Newell on his maiden victory and to Damien who was so close to taking the Jackpot in his first ever T9B event.

This event win books Mark Newell a space in the T9B Champion Of Champions at the end of the season. This event is free to enter for all amateur event winners across 2016 and has a fantastic £2000 prize pool.

Another brilliant event for all players involved and a joy to see so many players playing so well. Thanks to Sharon Allingham for minding the desk scheduling matches and giving up her time to help run this event. Also thanks to all players who supported this event, i’m sure you will agree it was a cracker.

A massive thanks to out sponsors, Dynamic Billard, Talismann, Taom Tips, Z9 BillardCloth® Made in Germany, County Engraving and Raging Ball.

Our next event is just two weeks away at the same venue and spaces are disappearing quickly as expected. To enter message Mark Parker on 07764-485711 or Phil Wildman on 07769-346582 asap to save disappointment.