Practice makes perfect as Seville cruises at Total9ball ETQ3


Practice makes perfect as Seville cruises at Total9ball

Total9ball was back this weekend with the final edition of the Euro Tour qualifier series sponsored by Dynamic Billard. The winning player would take the top prize of sponsored entry to a Euro tour event of their choice (remaining events are Austria and Holland), £250 towards flight and accommodation costs, £150 in cash prize money on the day, position 6 of 16 in the T9B end of season Champion Of Champions event (Currently over £800 prize pool with money added at each of the remaining events this season) and a beautiful glass tankard trophy.

The event kicked off at 10.30am with each player being tested as they competed in three action packed league stage matches with the hope that after the results were plotted in the league table that they would be one of the 16 qualifiers. A field of 25 players took part with all trying to be the player who lifted the trophy in the winner’s photo at the end of the event.

There were only three players who made it through the league stages without a defeat against their name, those players were Chris Seville, Sunny Garib and Zoltan Kojska, and their results are below…

Chris Seville – 7v1 Mark Parker, 7v1 Phil Wildman, 7v5 Paul Taylor
Sunny Garib – 7v6 Courtney Symons (from 0v6) 7v6 Aslam Abubaker, 7v6 Manuel Montejo (3/3 7v6 wins)
Zoltan Kojsza – 7v4 Tom Staveley, 7v5 Tony Fry, Jack Triggs 7v6

The next five players in ranking order would complete the eight seeded players for the knock-out stages, Aslam Abubaker, Courtney Symons, Ciprain Dundu, Paul Taylor filled those positions. Due to three players being tied with identical matches won and racks won, a three player 1 rack playoff was required between Bob Harris, Jamie Bryan and Tom Staveley. Tom defeated Jamie and followed this with a win against Bob so advanced as seeded player – Bob and Jamie were demoted to non-seeded qualifiers.

As with all Total9ball events the break-dish was up next. A brilliant £190 was collected, this was to be added to the £260 already accumulated from previous Euro Tour Qualifying events. This gave a fantastic total of £450!!! This amount was broken down to £35 per ball potted with a £100 bonus for the 10ball clearance. The first lucky player pulled from the bag of raffle tickets was… Spanish ace Manuel Montejo. The balls were racked and checked for gaps by Montejo, he then began to feather the white as he looked confident of making a ball off the break. He smashed open the balls with thunderous power, a ball dropped into a pocket and things were looking good for Manuel… until an unfortunate kiss by one of the last moving balls left him hooked on the 1ball. Manuel looked at the table to see if there was any chance of getting lucky but he decided to collect the £35 prize money. As a prize collected was below £50, another player was drawn to make an attempt at the remaining money… £415 (£30 a ball + £115 clearance bonus) The 2nd lucky player was… Ashik Nathwani. Ash broke the balls and things didn’t look great but then all of a sudden a few balls collided and three balls dropped into pockets. £90 was announced. Ash was faced with a hard long pot on the one ball but with the four ball over the corner pocket there was no position required. He decided to continue as 30 or so people looked on clapping and cheering Ash for taking on the gamble. He just needed to sink this next ball and the rest were at his mercy, he cued up the white positively and to say he creamed it would be an understatement, he couldn’t have struck it any better, a brilliant pot under pressure. The remaining balls couldn’t of been placed any better really as Ash confidently slotted them home to become the first player in over two years to actually clear up on the break dish at full pot value. Well done Ash £415 for potting 10balls is a great prize and the highest amount paid so far on the break dish.

Back to the main event and the non-seeded players who completed the last 16 line up were Bob Harris, David Worrow, Jamie Bryan, Laszlow Zsom, Mark Parker, Phil Wildman, Terry Challenger. The final position was decided in a crueller way than a penalty shoot-out… it was a T9B one rack shoot-out. Manuel Montejo advanced and it was Mark Hughes who unfortunately bubbled in position 17.

The draw was completed by the players drawing names from the seeded pot against the non-seeds and it ended up looking like this below with results.

Chris Seville 7v1 Manuel Montejo
Paul Taylor 5v7 Mark Parker
Courtney Symons 7v5 Laszlow Zsom
Zoltan Kojsza 5v7 Phil Wildman
Aslam Abubaker 7v5 Jamie Bryan
Ciprain Dandu 7v2 David Worrow
Sunny Garib 3v7 Terry Challenger
Tom Staveley 2v7 Bob Harris

So from the results from above we can see 4 seeded players advanced and 4 non seeded players joined them with racks going 43 seeds v 41 non-seeds.

Just eight players remained and the Losers of these next matches would receive some prize money. Chris Seville produced another awesome result as he eliminated Mark Parker 7v0 wow this guy was on fire. Courtney Symons made the most of a few silly balls missed by Phil Wildman to book a Semi-Final place 7v3. Aslam Abubaker got the better of a tired and drained looking Ciprain Dandu 7v3 while Terry Challenger continued his impressive assault on T9B events beating Bob Harris 7 racks to 5.

The four remaining were Aslam Abubaker, Chris Seville, Courtney Symons and Terry Challenger. Who would take down the event? Aslam and Courtney both have past T9B event winning experience which must stand them in good stead to reach the final right? Unfortunately for Courtney that wasn’t to be the case as he was blown away by a Hurricane Performance by Chris Seville the end result with handicaps was Seville 7v1 Symons. The other Semi Final was a lot closer however with Terry Challenger hoping to have two trips to Europe sponsored by T9B as a couple of weeks ago he qualified for The Deurne City Classic via T9B. Aslam however is a very experienced 9baller whereas Terry is new to the sport mainly from a snooker back ground. Experience guided Aslam into the Final 7v5.

Time for the Final as Aslam Abubaker took on Chris Seville. There was a lot of prizes, prize money up for grabs and a position in the Champion Of Champions event also on the line. Chris Seville had pretty much been untouchable throughout the event and still undefeated and Aslam wasn’t going to change that as Seville controlled the Final brilliantly to take his first ever Total9ball title in style 7v3 and I would say it will be the first of many.

This was an awesome event and another new winner which is brilliant to see. This season 7 events and 7 different winner. Chris Seville totally outplayed his handicap of +1 but this is no problem as it’s because of the hard work he has been putting in inspired by Total9ball events. Chris regularly competes in the London midweek events and attends many T9B event, he also has had a lesson from Alan Bell and therefore deserves this brilliant result. We see it time and time again at T9B players improving in a very short space of time through regular events. Chris plays in as many of our events as he can and I believe this is the reason he has hit top form recently and is now getting the results and benefiting from the confidents gained from doing well in these prestigious events. Well done Chris Seville.

Thanks to Hurricane Room for their continued support of Total9ball events offering us the table lights free of charge which is a massive plus for T9B and our players, Thanks to yesterday’s tournament director.

If you didn’t enter this event you missed out on a fab event but don’t worry there is another just around the corner.