T9B Venom Trickshots Search for a Star 2020

T9B Venom Trickshots Search for a Star! Amateur Sponsorship 2020

Date: Saturday 18th January 2020
Venue: Brooklyn Bar & Billiards, Redhill
Time: 9.30 start 1st session, 10.15 2nd session, 11.15 3rd session
Discipline: 9 Ball
Format: 1 day. DE to Last 32/KO
Race to: 7
Handicap System: Yes (0 to 7)
Seeds: Only Last 32 Paid Players
Entry Fee: £50 (includes compulsary 1 rack shoot-out) for Qualifying.
Entry Fee: £75 (includes compulsary 1 rack shoot-out) for L32.

If you wish to buy and play the Qualifying rounds its £50
If you wish to buy directly into the L32 and have a later start time its £75

Entry Fee: Non T9B Members +£10. Membership for 2020 £25 until January.

PRIZE MONEY: prize money will be presented on the day as cash, plus you will get so many tournaments credited to you as FREE entry. (depending on entries, possibly the whole series)

In this event, the main goal is to present the winner, runner-up and maybe the semi-finalists (depending on entries) FREE entry to events in 2020 which will be credited to their account (T9B holds prize, non-transferable) aswell as cash on the day! so when you enter the next event if you are one of the lucky winners you will go straight down as PAID, won’t need to send any entry fee and that entry fee will be deducted from your total.

1 Rack Shoot-Out for a place in the Grand Final
Roll Over Break/Dish – £140 starting pot

Bank Transfer
Please message me due to fraudulent activity


Text Mark on 07764485711
email Mark on mark@total9ball.co.uk
Put your name down on the Facebook page

ONLY at total9ball.co.uk




Thanks to our sponsors:

Brooklyn Bar & Billiards, Shark Rack, Iwan Simonis Billiards (Saluc), Aramith – Billiard Balls (Saluc), Trophy365.com, CueScore, ShootersPool & Venom Trickshots Florian Kohler.

RULES FOR 2020 SEASON (Please Read)

**Members – Membership is not compulsary, however it will cost an extra £10 to enter if you are not a member. Every player has to be a T9B member to play The Grand Final and receive ranking points.

**Payments – Entry fees must be made in advance via bank transfer, Paypal or cash paid into a bank.

**Lateness – Morning – 1 rack will be docked per 10 minutes that your late to a maximum of 3 racks after 30 minutes.

**Leaving the venue – Players must let the TD know if they are leaving the venue! If your match is called and your not in the venue the above lateness penalties will applied however if over 30 mins you will forfeit the match.

(Racks will be taken regardless of if the opponent agrees or not)

Players will now not be refunded or given a credit if they withdraw after the draw has been made, unless emergency circumstances.