Membership for 2019 will be £25 for the year. Non-Members is extra £10 comp entry. So it’s really worthwhile becoming a member.

T9B will accept single event entries paid in advance if spaces are available via Bank Transfer, PayPal and Cash at the event before. Entries are on a first pay first play basis, after this you will be on the reserve list incase of any drop-outs. Entry fees per tournament will be specified on the relevant tournament posters. You can text, private message or reply on facebook event.

In 2019 there will be:- *Search for a Star *8 Amateur Ranking Series events *U.K. 9/10-Ball Scratch *Annual Scotch Doubles *2x High Roller *Grand Final Qualifier & Grand FInal

All 2019 events are going to be Amateur ONLY -4 to +4 players ONLY, except Annual Scotch Doubles. Maximum of 64 players and 1 day, unless stated otherwise. Each tournament will be £40 entry unless stated and will also have a compulsory £10 1 rack shoot-out for a place in the Grand Final. Individual posters will be made for each event showing, Race Lengths, Format and Discipline, etc. so PLEASE READ.

In 2019 there will be a slight change to the Rankings. 2019 Rankings will come into play a lot more! The Top 16 ONLY will get a place in the Grand Final (£3/4k event). The points will be rolled over from 2018, but… Results from E1 2019 will replace your result from E1 2018. For example if you scored 3pts at E1 2018 and won E1 2019 worth 15pts, your 3pts will come off and your 15pts will get added. This means you can boost yourself or drop quite easily. It’s going to pay to come to as many events as you can to keep your top 16 spot.

Handicaps are looked at and reviewed from the Quarter Final Stage onwards and First Round loss basis after each event. The Tour directors will vote and decide which player’s handicaps will change for the following events. New players will be based on if ability known can get it near right first time, if not known then the average of -1 will be used and amended for second game based on our regular players after match comments.

There are various T9B side games to break the day up at the interval usually after qualification and giving players chances of winning extra cash prizes and places in other tournaments.
The 1 Rack Shoot-Out: is £10 to enter and the winner receives a place in the Grand Final. Only players NOT qualified for The Grand Final already can enter this.
The Break-Dish Roll-Over: This is £5, £10, £20, £30 or £50 to enter depending how many times you wish your name to be in the pot. 3 tickets get pulled and if there’s no winner the pot rolls over to the next event. Like a lottery but someone will get lucky. Each Ball is worth a value and a bonus pot for the Dish. You can STOP at anytime but if you miss or scratch you will lose your prize money. If you can pay these with your comp entry this would be much appreciated.

The Grand Final will consist of 32 players comprised from, The Top 16 in the Rankings after E8, 13 1 Rack Shoot-Out Winners and 2 loyalty places. 1 for Best Performing Newcomer (Highest Ranked New Player of 2019) and 1 for Loyalty Award (Highest Ranked not in Top 16 whose entered the most events). Minimum guaranteed pot for this event will be £3,000, Winner £1000, Runner-up £600, Semis £300, Quarters £200. This event entry will be FREE for all qualifiers. T9B Members ONLY!. If a non T9B member qualifies you will have to pay your membership to play.

T9B are always looking to make the tour/tournaments bigger and better with on-going and new sponsorship deals and clubs, which are not easy to achieve.
So please support them the best you can by purchasing off of them using our discounts and spending behind the bar in the respective clubs.