Phil Wildman is the Star of 2017!

Total9ball is back and back with a bang as the 2017 season kicked of with the Star Of The Future Sponsorship event held at St Albans, Raging Ball Bingo and Sports Bar. 40 players in total filled the venue all with the same idea in mind but who would lift the trophy and take the sponsorship package and prize money?

The event began with a one rack shoot-out for a the very first qualifying position in the Champion Of Champions event. The is a unique event run on a straight knockout format. Players cant be beaten without playing a shot as if a player break dishes the opponent gets the chance to reply. Craig Osborne was involved in a thriller against returning player Darren Saxby. Both dished the balls before Osborne ran out the winner. Craig then went on to win the lottery style event and book his place in C.O.C 2017.

The main event kicked off at 10am and was run as a double elimination event until we had eight seeded winners randomly drawn against eight players with one defeat. The Seeds were

Aslam Abubaker, Courtney Symons, Craig Osborne, Dave Worrow, Denis Repard, Lazslo Zsom, Mark Foster, Phil Wildman

The other qualifiers were

Daniel Wells, David Walsh, Mark Parker, Matt Hawthorne, Michael Beeston, Morray Dolan, Tom Staveley and Rikki Hatherley

So with the line up for the last 16 there was sure to be some cracking matches. The results are below in draw order


Morray Dolan 7v6 Denis Repard

Phil Wildman 7v4 Michael Beeston

Mark Foster 7v6 Daniel Wells (Mark Trailed 1v6)

Dave Worrow 2v7 Matt Hawthorne

Lazslo Zsom 5v7 Tom Staveley

Aslam Abubaker 3v7 Rikki Hatherley

Craig Osborne 7v5 Dave Walsh

Courtney Symons 4v7 Mark Parker

So four seeded players were eliminated in the last 16.


On to the Quarter Finals, Phil Wildman produced the goods against an unwell Morray Dolan 7v5. Mark Foster loves a dramatic hill-hill finish and in this match he didn’t disappoint as he eliminated a massively improved Matt Hawthorne 7v6, Craig Osborne even playing off a -5 handicap would have been many players favorite to win the event at the beginning of the day in this round he shot down high flying Mark Parker 7v3. Tom Staveley looked class as he defeated Rikki Hatherley 7v4.

So would this event be won by Craig Osborne, Mark Foster, Mark Parker or Phil Wildman?

First to book his place in the Final was Phil Wildman with a cool 7v5 win over Mark Foster, Wildman was quickly followed into the Final by Craig Osborne who got the better of Tom Staveley 7v4.

Its showtime, Wildman vs Osborne, Phil said after his first match in the morning ‘if the draw allows it then I will beat Craig in the final today’. It didn’t look like his prediction was going to be correct as Craig raced into a 3v0 lead but Wildman had a lot of fighting spirit at this event taking 7 of the next 8 racks to win 7v4.

So after the first event of the season its Craig Osborne and Phil Wildman who take spaces one and two in the Champion Of Champions event 2017 (guaranteed £2500 prize fund)

Wildman looked strong all day and converted this form into an event win. Well done to him and all participating players

T9B is back at the Raging Ball club in St.Albans on Saturday 4th February for Amateur Series event one.

Thanks to our sponsors, Dynamic Billard, County Engraving, and Raging Ball