It’s No April Fools for Elliot as he wins E3

Sanderson confirms his potential at T9B

Total9ball was back at Raging Ball, St Albans on Saturday 1st April. A talented field of 48 players were inside the Hertfordshire club trying to become a T9B Champion. T9B is making 2017 its biggest year yet with bigger events with more players. Bigger prize money leading to a huge Champion Of Champions Event in Decemeber. The field for that main event is filling up nicely with some fantastic players already booking there places. Who would join the already qualified players?
The event on April Fools Day kicked off at 10am and the event had a European feel to it with many nations represented including Bulgaria, Finland, France, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Russia. As always this event was going to take a great performance to win.
Elliott Sanderson has been putting in some excellent displays of quality recently but is yet to produce at T9B Events as yet, he did however begin this event nicely with a 7v5 victory over Steve Della. Ant Ginn hasent been seen for a while but his talent remains and this showed as he got the better of Stefan Mesedzhiev 7v3 in the opening round of action. Tony Burton also started this event well as he pushed Nick Hampton into the losers side of the draw 7v4. Julian Roper and Jordan Turner both advanced 7v5 against Mark Parker and Phil Wildman respectively.

After the first round of matches were complete this one rack shoot-out kicked off with the winner receiving a spot in C.O.C 2017 and after looking like exiting again in the first round like all other events Mark Parker never looked back and guaranteed himself a space.

In the loser qualifier round Mark Williams stepped on the gas like Leicester City FC did last season by smashing Steve Davison 7 racks to 1. Phil Wildman played a good set defeating his future doubles partner Mark Newell 7v3.

After this round was complete we had our final 32 players, 16 winners and 16 Losers were drawn against each other. The draw worked out like this with results

Alex Colgan 6v7 Mark Lester Inting
Mark Hughes 7v3 Dinesh Patel
Paul Taylor 7v5 Steve Della
Tony Burton 7v1 Leslaw Lukaszewicz
Steve Chick 5v7 Daniel Lernihan
Elliott Sanderson 7v5 Alexandra Cunha
Daniel Wells 7v5 Louis Clarke
Rich Fulwell 7v5 James Topliff
Mathieu Ferreira 7v6 Jazz Bamotra
Richard Twomey 7v6 Nick Hampton
Jordan Turner 5v7 Mark Williams
Julian Roper 4v7 Tyler Trew
Filip Krawczyk 7v0 Phil Wildman
Garry Oyangoren 7v3 Mark Parker
Paul Mcmichael 6v7 Ant Ginn
James Taylor 7v4 Nathan Virica

As you can see from the results above there were some shocks but also lots of players showing there full ability.

The event continued into the last 16 where Elliott Sanderson ended Daniel Lernihan good run in this event 7v4. Richard Twomey hasn’t been seen for a while but looked like he meant business at this event as he defeated Frenchman Mathieu Ferreira 7v4. Mark Williams was literally on fire against Tyler Trew not dropping a single rack winning 7v0. Daniel Wells was looking to win his second tournament straight and remained on course as he ended Rich Fulwells event 7v3. Ant Ginn needed every rack to progress past James Taylor 7v6 while Tony Burton was motoring along nicely a 7v3 victory over Paul Taylor backed that up.

So the Quarter Finals were upon us and eight players remained and the level of 9ball was very high. Elliott Sanderson put in a fantastic performance to beat event 2 Champion Daniel Well 7v3. He would be be matched in the Semi Final against Tony Burton as Burton defeated Mark Lester Inting 7v5. Ant Ginn and Mark Williams were the other Quarter Final winners. Ginn won 7v4 against Filip Krawczyk and Mark Williams smashed Rich Twomey 7v1.

Semi Final Results were as follows, Elliott Sanderson 7v6 Tony Burton and Ant Ginn 7v5 Mark Williams. A special mention as to my knowledge this was Mark Williams first ever T9B Semi Final and it was great to see him finally show what he can do all be it of a high handicap.

The Final and wow what a Final we had in prospect. Elliott Sanderson vs Ant Ginn. Two of the best players on paper in the event would clash for the title, a space in C.O.C 2017, the beautiful glass trophy, Ranking points and extra prize money. The match ended… 7v5 in favour of… Elliott Sanderson. There you have it Elliott Sanderson finally a T9B Champion and a great addition to the C.O.C 2017 lineup of players. Well done Elliott, from what I saw you were hitting the ball really well, timing was on point and you are a well deserved T9B Champ.

T9B is back on Saturday 29th April with our annual Scotch Doubles event. Currently we have 23 teams and are still open to more entries. To find out more please contact, Mark Parker, Nick Hampton or Phil Wildman.

Thanks to our sponsors Dynamic Billard, Aramith Balls, Raging Ball, County Engraving (Please add all sponsors)
Thanks also to Raging Ball for again playing great hosts and sponsoring us a days use of there equipment. This is huge to T9B and our excellent prize pots.