Mark Parker Becomes T9B UK 10Ball Champion 2016

Total9ball returned to the Raging Ball in St Albans on Sunday 14th August for the annual UK 10Ball Championships. This is one of the biggest and most popular events on the T9B calendar with players travelling from far and wide to compete. The winner of this event would receive prize money (T9B added money), a trophy, the title of UK 10ball Champion and a space in the T9B Champion Of Champions event (Max 16 players, free entry event with a £2000 Prize Pool).

Matches kicked off shortly after 10.30am at the venue in St Albans. Matches were played to a straight knockout format but all players were enter twice once in each half of the draw.  Ben Bradley’s day began well with an impressive 7v2 victory over Filip Krawczyk. Rich Fullwell was beaten 7v6 by Mihail Mladinescu  and Phil Wildman arrived late to the venue after train trouble in London and therefore began a massive comeback task against Mark Hughes as the match start -4 v +4. Wildman took seven of the first eight racks to trail 3v5 but then Hughes converted the two racks needed to prevail 7v3. Mark Parker received byes through both halves of the preliminary rounds. He recorded two 7v3 results in his opening matches against Lionel Brown and Paul Taylor. Michael Beeston was involved in two close matches beating Mark Hughes 7v5 but fell just short 6v7 against Ant Ginn. Nick Hampton was defeated 7v4 by the returning Kevin Smith while Steve Chick kept both lives as he got the better of Dean Selvy 7v5 and battled hard to come back from the dead to win 7v6 against Natalie Seichter.

At this time The breakdish took centre stage as Michael Beeston collected over £650 just a couple of events ago it was time to rebuild the pot whioch for this event was set at £200. £15 per ball potted with a £50 bonus if the player could clear the table. Fist to take on the challenge was Rich Fullwell but a dry break ended his attempt early. Nick Hampton was the second player drawn, Nick managed to sink a ball off the break but was hooked on the 1ball and therefore collected £15. The final player to make an attempt for this event was

Back to the main event and into the round of 16. Players who still had both lives at this stage were Mark Parker and Steve Chick how would these players fair in this round? There was only one thing guaranteed and that was they would both make it through with both lives as they were drawn against each other. Steve Chick managed to put in another great performance to advance 7v5.  Chick followed this match with another tough match this time against Tom Staveley. This match was close from start to finish but it was Tom who ended up picking up the win 7v5. Mark Parker now protecting his final life in the event took on ever improving Mikko Tuomi. This match went right the way to Hill-hill before Parker managed to pick up the win. Kevin Smith looked to getting back into some form as he bashed Michael ‘Break-dish’ Beeston 7v1. Filip Krawczyk was another player to survive a hill-hill match in this round, his opponent was Lionel Brown. Other results Laszlow Zsom 7v2 Paul Taylor, Nick Hampton 7v3 Ant Ginn and Mihail Mladinescu 7v3 Ben Bradley.

Quarter Final Time and the event still had a very unpredictable feel to it as it should being a handicap event, Mark Parker produced the biggest win of the round defeating Kebin Smith 7v3, Mark looked like his old self and completely in the zone. The three other matches were nail bitters, Filip Krawczyk booked his place in the Semi-Final with a brilliant 7v5 result against Tom Staveley, Nick Hampton also produced a 7v5 win, Laszlo Zsom was his victim and Steve Chick was at  it again another 7v6 victory this time against Mihail Mladinescu.

4 players remained can you pick the winner? Filip Krawczyk? Mark Parker?  Nick Hampton? Steve Chick? Well it wouldn’t be long before we found out who our finalists would be… Mark Parker won a 12 rack thriller 7v5 against Filip Krawczyk, the next question was would it be an all T9B final? No was the answer Steve Chick reached yet another final was he ended Nick Hampton’s event 7v4. Good results for Filip and Nick today only just fallening short but both players picked up some prize money.

The Final was here and it would be contested by Mark Parker v Steve Chick. Neither player has yet qualified for the T9B Champion Of Champions Event, neither player was won the T9B UK Championship in the past so it really was all to play for. Mark looked more sharp at this late stage of the event where as Steve looked tired and that showed during the match as Mark Parker produced the goods to run out a 7v2 winner.

So there you have it, Mark Parker becomes the 2016 UK Champion and Steve Chick is is the gallant Runner Up. It’s great to see Mark back on top of his game and also brilliant to see the improvement in Steve’s game. After missing last year’s Champion Of Champions event Mark is there this time around and looks dangerous again. In my opinion Steve is the most improved player so far this season as he seems to improve in each event and is always constantly reaching the latter stages of events even though he has had two handicap cuts.

Total9ball would like to take a moment to thank all the players who supported this event, also thanks to Sharon Allingham for running the desk and to our sponsors Dynamic Billard, Raging Ball, Taom Tips, Talisman, Z9 cloth made in Germany  and County Engraving.

The next T9B event isn’t far away as we are at St Albans Raging Ball against for two events over one weekend (Sat 27th and Sun 28th August) Saturday will see the return of the Amateur Series while Sunday will see our first split tier handicap event. To enter either or both of these events please contact Mark Parker on 07764-485711 or on Facebook.