Evans is the man at T9B Dynamic Euro Tour Qualifier Event 1


Evans is the man at T9B Dynamic Euro Tour Qualifier Event One

The Total9Ball 2015 season kicked off on Saturday 17th January and what a cracker of an event this was. T9B late last year renewed their relationship with Dynamic Billard of Germany. T9B players were rewarded yesterday for their ongoing support of our events with the first edition of the new Dynamic Billard Euro Tour Qualifiers. In total there will be three of these special events staged between The Hurricane Room clubs in High Wycombe and St Albans. Event One was held at St Albans on their newly clothed tables and there was a certain buzz in the venue as all players were keen to make sure it would be them that lifted the trophy at the end of the event.

The format used was one league table with each player participating in three random tense matches. After all players completed their matches the top 12 players ranked on matches-won followed by racks-won would advance to the knock-out stage. The top four ranked players would automatically begin the knock-out stage in the Quarter Finals and the next eight ranked players would be placed in the preliminary round.

Thanks to Dynamic Billard for sponsoring this event.

The prize money began in the Semi Finals at this event but there was so much more on offer at this event.

The Winners prize:-

**Entry paid for any Euro Tour event this season of the players choice**

**£250 towards flights and accommodation**

**£150 prize money on the day**

**Qualification into the T9B Champion Of Champions tournament (Max 16 players already £500 in added money**

Enough talk let’s get to the action. The event kicked off at 10.30am after the draw was completed by one of the World’s best Pool/snooker coaches Alan Bell. Alan now living in the Portsmouth area is still actively coaching and comes heavy recommended. The first result to come back to the tournament desk was a massive 7v0 victory for Steve Chick over Dave Evans (Welcome Back Dave Evans). Steve is a new player to 9ball pool and although he only started playing in December 2014 its clear he is going to be a very good player by his improvement in such a short space of time. This was also the only 7v0 result of the whole event. Dave Evans opponents didn’t get any easier as he took on Ashik Nathwani next, Ashik was looking to finish Dave’s day off early as he raced into a 5v1 advantage, it appeared to not be Dave’s day but the guy never gives up and he rallied, battling hard to produce a fantastic comeback to win 7v6. Evans made it two wins from three matches with a solid 7v5 victory against Apostalis Harmas. Dave’s two wins were enough to qualify him through the league stage of the event. Tom Staveley is the man in form at the moment, Tom finished last season in sublime form winning the T9B Christmas Special event, he was Runner Up in the T9B Sunday Series Grand Finals and also recently won another London handicap event giving head starts to the whole field. Tom looked to be taking care of business again as he reported three out of three wins in the league stage of this event. He punished Alan Bell 7v3, Steve Chick 7v5 (from 2v5) and Ashik Nathwani 7v3. These results gained Tom a seeded Quarter Final position in the event. T9B Rookie Champion of 2014 Aslam Abubaker also recorded three straight wins as he defeated Chris Seville 7v1, Darian George 7v5 and finally Ken Ng 7v6. Bob Harris was competing in his first ever Total9ball event and he also advanced undefeated as he got the better of Lionel Brown 7v5, Chris Seville 7v6 and Darian George 7v6. There was a one rack shoot-out for the final Seeded position in the Knock-out stage. Ken Ng and Mark Sylvester both achieved two out of three wins and were locked on 20 winning racks each. Ken won the one rack shoot-out and for the first time Ken was a seeded player. There were seven other qualifiers who joined Mark Silvester as unseeded qualifiers and they were… Dave Evans, Jamie Bryan, Mark Parker, Phil Wildman, Shakz Islam, Steve Chick and Vesilin Paprandonov. Unlucky to the bubble player Apostalis Harmas who missed out by just two racks finishing in 13th position.

At this stage of the event it was break dish time. As this was the first event of a new series Total9ball guaranteed a £100 break dish fund regardless of sales. The Sales accumulated to £105 therefore players were drawn at take in the 10 ball challenge at £10.50 per ball potted. First up… drawn from the hat was… Del Sim. Del due to moving properties wasn’t in the main event but did pop in to catch up with a few friends at the event and entered the break dish. Del unfortunately span the cueball into the middle left pocket off the break. This would mean a second player would be drawn and the next player drawn was… Del Sim, Del this time creamed the break sinking a ball. Del then made a couple of balls but hooked himself whilst on a prize of £32.50, Del went for the jump cue. He looked confident but many players would of just took the cash… Not Del though, the players were all watching on willing Del to make the shot, Del hit the legal ball but unfortunately didn’t pot it. At this stage a final player was drawn, this time at a reduced prize of £5 per ball. The final ucky player of this event was… Vesilin Paprandonov, Veso broke the 10 balls up with a powerful break although he potted a ball, he don’t find good shape on the one ball. Again like Del, Veso carried on and just gave the one ball a blast but didn’t make it. No winners today.

So back to the main event and the knock-out stage. Below are the prelim matches with results and who the waiting seeded player was,

Dave Evans 7v1 Mark Parker to play Ken Ng
Steve Chick 7v6 Shakz Islam to play Tom Staveley
Phil Wildman 7v4 Mark Sylvester to play Bob Harris
Vesilin Paprandonov 7v6 Jamie Bryan to play Aslam Abubaker

So we now knew the winner would come from the following eight players. Aslam Abubaker, Bob Harris, Dave Evans, Ken Ng, Phil Wildman, Steve Chick, Tom Staveley or Vesilin Paprandonov. Certainly a very open event as I believe all of these players were more than capable of taking down this event. The Quarter Finals kicked off with Dave Evans now back in form as he progressed by Ken Ng 7 racks to 3. Steve Chick put in a brilliant performance against many peoples favourite to win the event based om recent form Tom Staveley, Steve held his nerve at hill-hill to win 7v6, Bob Harris battled back for 2v4 down against Phil Wildman to advance 7v6 while the 4th and final Quarter Final match also ended 7v6 as Aslam Abubaker ended Vesilin Paprandonov euro tour dreams.

The Semi Finals weren’t as close as the Quarter Finals, Dave Evans gained revenge on Steve Chick. Earlier in the day Steve defeated Dave 7v0 this time the score line was 7v2 in Dave’s favour. It would be Bob Harris who joined Dave in the final as he got the better of Aslam Abubaker 7v4.

So who would take down this event? Bob or Dave? The Final was a high class match but it was Evans who was well and truly in the zone and he ran out a 7v4 winner. Well Done Dave Evans Finally a T9B Champion, Dave has hit the post a few times in T9B events, many times a semi Finalist or a runner up but now a champion.

Speaking with Dave after the event, he said ‘Im really pleased with how I played today, I started slowly but when the knock-out stages began, I really raised my game’, If you take off the handicaps Dave actually only lost 5 racks from the Quarter Finals onwards. A great performance, we at T9B were starting to wonder if Dave would become the Jimmy White of 9ball, always so close but never a winner but he has now become a Champion and what an excellent event to make your first win. Dave has suggested he would like to attend the Euro Tour in Portugal, Good luck to Dave in this event and we hope you enjoy the experience.

Thanks to Dynamic Billard and Hurricane Room for sponsoring this event and giving our players these opportunities, Thanks to Kim Rowlett for running the tournament desk, to Mark Parker for working hard behind the camera and also to all the players who supported this event.