Dont Mess With The Zoltan at E3


Dont Mess With The Zoltan

Total9ball was back at in St Albans yesterday for Event Three of their eight event Amateur Series sponsored by Dynamic Billard and Hurricane Room. For the third amateur series event running we had the full quoter of 32 players signed up and paid over a week before the event was due to be played which was excellent. This was also especially good because regular players Ashik Nathwani, Aslam Abubaker, Dave Evans and Tom Staveley were all away at the Dynamic Euro Tour event in Portugal.

The first seven matches of Event Three kicked off at 10:30am and with the field containing only four minus handicap players, was this a great opportunity for the minus players to show their skills on the table or would it be one of the practiced and vastly improving plus handicap players who took this event down? Would we have another new winner? Would we have another big break dish winner?

Thanks to Dynamic Billard for sponsoring this event.

The draw pitted some great first round match ups. With the new T9B handicap system in full force there are no easy matches and everyone on the day that’s performs well is in with a realistic chance of taking down the competition. The key to success is maintaining a high level of play throughout the event, luck is needed at the right time and you must have the drive, focus and stamina to keep winning.

All players are entered into the draw twice – once left side and once right – with the hope of winning all matches meaning they would be the Winner and Runner Up scooping two lots of prize money. Zoltan Kojsza was straight up against it as he gave a one rack start to Mark Parker in his opening match, Zoltan prevailed 7v5. Zoltan then followed this result quickly with another good win, this time against Nathan Virica 7v4. It was good to see Jermaine Pierre back in action after a few years away. His day started very nicely as he didn’t drop a frame against new T9B’er Graham Clegg. This wasn’t a nice welcome for Graham but as a complete unknown player Graham was made to play his first match off a -1 handicap to protect our regular players. We saw the good and the not so good from Sefton Payne another new player to 9ball pool. The former snooker player defeated David Worrow 7v1 but then in his other 1st round match was defeated 7v1 by Nick Hampton. Phil Wildman looked completely out of sorts as he was smashed 7v0 by Colin Connor. The Scotsman Connor then followed this with another 1st round win against Mihail Mladinescu 7v5 while Wildman was almost pushed over the line by his opponent Dale Cadet as a game full of mistakes ended 7v4 to in favour of the T9B founder. Jamie Bryan was out the traps quicker than a greyhound, he looked to be timing the ball perfectly as he bypassed Mark Williams 7v3 and Jermaine Pierre 7v4. St Albans very own Dan Lim must of thought he was at a St Albans league night as he drew two local players David Worrow and Mike Stanley both he finished off by the same scoreline of 7 racks to 5, a good start for Lim. Previous event winner Chris Seville now off a new handicap of scratch played his way through two potential banana skin matches, Chris took out Vesilin Papradanov 7v3 and Steve Davison 7v5. Ricky Collett seemed to hit top gear playing under his new stage name of ‘Icky Coll’. T9B appreciate his promotion for T9B events but have decided until he stops calling us T9 we will call him Icky Coll. Regardless of his name he was on fire with wins of 7v4 (Mihail Mladinescu) and 7v5 (Mikko Tuomi). I took a moment to watch a few racks of his and he looked confident around the table and was punching in balls left, right and centre. Brian Cassidy and Paul Taylor also both won their opening two matches and the T9B staff could tell it was going to be a very long day as so many players won two out of two matches. Would somebody scoop the Jackpot?

Break Dish Time!!!!! Sales were brilliant at this event as usual meaning T9B could off a pot of over £500 for a total 10ball clearance. The prize was announced as £40 per ball plus a £105 bonus for the clearance. First up was… Paul Taylor… Paul seemed unfazed by the prize ahead but unfortunately produced a dry break. Next up at full pot was… ‘I never get picked Steve Chick’. Steve looked like he tried a soft break but unfortunately this didn’t work either. A final player was drawn at a reduced pot of £5 per ball plus a £50 bonus for the clearance… The final lucky players was Veslin Papadanov. The players watching on looking confused as Veso tried his new style of loop bridge ‘The Veso Bridge’. Veso hit the white so bad… it was like he was at a chip and putt golf day. A total miscue therefore the pot of £505 rolls over to Event 4.

After the break dish interval the main event kicked off again. In round two Zoltan Kojsza was pushed all the way in both matches. He managed to advance from both matches 7v6 these results came against Lionel Brown and Paul Taylor. The final rack of Zoltan’s match with Paul Taylor was very tense with both players missing chances to win the match. It was the perfect hill-hill finish. Lionel Brown was the unlucky player of this round as he followed he’s 7v6 defeat against Zoltan with another 7v6 result, again unfortunately for Lionel he was on the wrong side of this result as Chris Seville progressed. Jamie Bryan really did look to be on fire as he recorded results of 7v2 and 7v5 against Nick Hampton and Dan Lim respectively ‘The Ginger Ninja was rolling’. Its time I gave Ian Cherry a mention, Ian is another new player to T9B event and he is full of praise and loving these events, I bet he was loving his results to as he recorded another two wins during round two. The players he played were both eliminated and they were Phil Wildman 7v5 and Veslin Papradanov 7v4. Sefton Payne’s timing looked to be bang on against Bob Harris as he moved in to round three by 7 racks to 5. Mark Newell was quietly going about his business as he outplayed Steve Davision

7v3. Ricky Collett (Icky Coll) looked a different player from when we last saw him. Clearly he has been putting the hours in on the table at Legends Club in Braintree as he produced another two fantastic winning results, a brilliant 7v1 victory against Brian Cassidy and then a great 7v4 win result over Colin Connor. These results made sure Ricky had two spaces in the final 16 of this event. Chris Seville battled hard to advance 7v6 against Jermaine Pierre, Chris was at times 5 racks behind in this match so it was a awesome comeback by the current T9B Champion.

On to the Last 16 of this event and there were still many players with two lives remaining. All players who reach this round are seeded for Event 4 and therefore can’t draw each other in the first round. The Results are below.

Ricky Collett 7v6 Rich Fulwell (Rich missed a 9ball at hill-hill which ended the event for him)

Zoltan Kojska 7v3 Ian Cherry (Zoltan still undefeated while Ian stayed in the competition with one life)

Jamie Bryan 7v4 Dan Lim (Jamie’s 2nd win over Dan at this event)

Chris Seville 7v4 Paul Taylor (Seville still on track for the jackpot, Taylor eliminated)

Mark Newell 7v2 Chris Seville (Mark Newell gets half price entry to Amateur Series Event 4 for winning the ‘beat Chris Seville Promo’)

Brian Cassidy 7v4 Ricky Collett (Brian gains revenge for the earlier 7v1 defeat against Ricky)

Zoltan Kojsza 7v6 Sefton Payne (Another 7v6 win)

Ian Cherry 7v5 Jamie Bryan (Ian gets the first victory over Jamie Bryan and they both continue in the event with one life each remaining)

Event 4 Seeded player (Being seeded doesn’t guarantee you a space at the event. To take advantage of your seeding you must be in the first 32 paid players)

Left Side                                                             Right Side
Chris Seville                                                     Brian Cassidy
Dan Lim                                                             Chris Seville
Jamie Bryan                                                     Ian Cherry
Ian Cherry                                                         Jamie Bryan
Paul Taylor                                                        Mark Newell
Rich Fulwell                                                     Ricky Collett
Ricky Collett                                                     Sefton Payne
Zoltan Kojska                                                 Zoltan Kojsza

So now we knew who the Quarter Finalists were and it was only Zoltan who had survived on the Jackpot trail. The Quarter Finals began well for the Hungarian superstar he ended Ricky Collett’s day 7v4. A big well done to Ricky though as I believe this was his best T9B finish to date. Zoltan doesn’t like only winning one match per round so he made sure he kept both lives intact as produced the comeback of the day!!! Ian Cherry lead 6 racks to -1 and Zoltan through grit and determination fought back to win 7v6. Amazing result (8 straight racks to Zoltan on alternate break takes some doing). Ian had a good run in this event and we are pleased to see him perform well in T9B Events. Talking of good comebacks it would be harsh not to mention Chris Seville’s excellent fight back from 6v2 down against Jamie Bryan to win 7v6. Mark Newell held his nerve against Brian Cassidy to make his debut in a T9B Semi Final, the match ended 7v6. That’s three out of four Quarter Final matches that ended 7v6. So I guess the handicap system is working well.

Its Semi Final time and there was only 3 players remaining as Zoltan was involved in both Semi Final matches. Could Chris Seville or Mark Newell produce what was needed to make sure the Final would have to be played? Or could Zoltan continue his winning ways and win both Semi Finals meaning he would take the Winners and The Runners up money, joining him in the elite T9B Jackpot club that currently only has three members Jayson Shaw, Mark Parker and Phil Wildman.

The first Semi-Final was Zoltan Vs Chris Seville. This was because Chris won the coin toss to play first but unfortunately for Chris the coin toss was the only thing he won as Zoltan moved in the Final 7v5. The only player now who could stop Zoltan was Mark Newell. One more win for Zoltan would see him take the £410 Jackpot. Was this one match to many? NO it was wasn’t Zoltan produced the goods again to complete the Jackpot triumph with a cool 7v3 victory. This would mean there was no Final for this event and Zoltan takes the maximum money and ranking points from T9B Event 3. Zoltan has also gained an invite to the T9B end of season Champion Of Champions event and a beautiful glass trophy.

Another full field and another brilliant comp. St Albans Hurricane Room always look after us well. Thanks to Mark Parker for taking the photos and to our Sponsors Dynamic Billard and Hurricane Room you are a massive help to all that Total9ball is achieving and finally to All players who attended and continued their support of the UK’s Biggest and Best Amateur Series.