All Nick wants for Christmas is…

…a t9b win… and he gets one!

This awesome day of pool started with an 18 player group stage with each player battling through 7 random races to 3, with around 5 chances to win cash through-out the day. This only took 4 hours and Mark Parker was the only one unbeaten up to he’s last match where Namesake Chris took he’s 100% away by beating Mark 3-2. This also destroyed Nick’s chances of being a seeded player.

The way this worked was 12 of the 18 Players went through and 6 were eliminated. The top 4 were seeded, leaving the remaining 8 to play through to meet the 4 seeds.

Seeds: 1. Mark Parker, 2. Dave Evans, 3. Ricky Ellis & Chris Parker
Eliminated: Fi Radomski, Aorr Angel, Dmitri, Alim Khan, Tommy Bennison, Mihail Mladinescu

At this stage semi-seriousness changed into fun as we started the side games, which everybody entered which was nice to see. Blind Scotch, 1 Rack, Speed Pool & The Break Dish.

First off was to get everybody losing a bit of weight ready for their Xmas dinner, Speed Pool. Looked like everyone was sweating almost instantly especially Nick Hampton & Steve Chick who reached the final. And what a final with both players on 1 ball left and it looked like they potted at the same time but ‘Nick just got there’ Chris Parker said as he was sitting in a place he was in line with both pockets.

Then straight into the 1 rack shoot-out where Steve Chick reaches a second final, getting denied a win yet again this time by Chris Parker.

Now the Blind Scotch Doubles where every winning player is re-drawn a new partner every round. The lucky duo to come out on top were Del Sim & Veso Papradanov beating Alim Khan & Adrian Hickson. Also, in other news, Del Sim wanted to go away with a t9b win as it was he’s last tournament before he permanently moves to New York in January.

The Break Dish was the final side game where there was £300 in the pot, £20 a ball and £100 bonus. Everyone was asking how many names get pulled, we were replying 3 if no-one collects. First name out was Dave Evans, he breaks and everyone looks on as one ball drops and he has shape on the one Jerry. Then proceeds a road map clearance with no troubles collecting £300.

Back to the Main Event Race to 3s, where Steve Chick was denied any further run by Bartek Skoneicki 3-2, Paul Choong was eliminated by an always improving Mark Newell 3-0, Veso’s Xmas came to an end by the hands of Del Sim 3-1 and Adrian Hickson’s was beaten 3-1 by nick Hampton.

The Quarter Final results were as follows:
Mark Parker 1 3 Bartek Skoneicki
Ricky Ellis 3 2 Mark Newell
Dave Evans 3 0 Del Sim
Nick Hampton 3 1 Chris Parker

Del Sim praised Dave for the performance saying that he didn’t miss a ball and he didn’t get a chance.

Semi Finals:
Bartek 3 2 Ricky
Nick 3 0 Dave

New player Ricky Ellis’s run came to an end but did have a chance from the 7 ball to win 3 2 and afterwards said how he should have played it. Ricky and he’s travelling buddy Tommy though said afterwards they thoroughly enjoyed the day and can’t wait until next year.

Nick had he’s work cut out knowing Dave was stroking well. Dave only missed one ball as Nick turnt up the heat and won 3-0.

The Final
Nick 3 2 Bartek

Nick raced to a 2 0 lead, not a lot Bartek could do but had answers in the next two racks as he levelled 2-2 to create a hill-hill decider in the final. There was a lot of tense safety shots until Bartek made the mistake but Nick’s run-out wasn’t easy as had long shot after long shot. The long 8 was cued in nicely and the 9 was over the hole. Nick wins Mistletoe & 9 2015.

An awesome day of pool where only 18 runners these players went away with something:

Nick £180 win £30 speed pool
Bartek £90
Ricky £45
Dave £45 semi £300 break dish
Chris £30 1 rack
Steve £20 1 rack £20 speed pool
Del & Veso £40
Alim & Adrian £20

Adrian Hickson pm’d after the tournament ‘Good day today!!! Nice format and lots of fun, Looking forward to the next event’

Next event is Jan 10th at High Wycombe ‘Search for a Star’ the Sponsorship.

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Have a good Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!